Incident Response

Do you know what to do when the inevitable happens? Read on to see how Cyberfive can help you!

Virtual Security Specialists

Shortage of key cyber skills? Our VSS Consultants are here to help you address that skills gap in a cost effective and scalable way.

Incident Triage

Probably one of the more difficult issues when handling potential incidents is correctly triaging a system. The time taken to identify what data needs to be collected, documenting what, how and why certain actions were taken and finally confirming IF a system is compromised can all take a long time and may need some quite niche skills.

Digital Forensics

With over 20 years experience of enterprise scale IT and Telecommunications systems, our digital forensic specialists are able to quickly and efficiently piece together the trail of bread crumbs left behind by attackers. Armed with this information, Cyberfive enables you to make critical decisions in a timely and informed manner.

Threat Intelligence

Forward thinking modern cyber strategies use a threat led approach to securing a business. By understanding the threats to you, your industry sector and the global marketplace as a whole, Cyberfive’s specialists can help you direct even the most limited of resources in the face of the ever growing onslaught of the global cyber threat.

Cyber Active Triage Service

Cyberfive have developed the Cyber Active Triage Service or C.A.T.S for short. This service is built around a tool we have developed in-house called the Cyberfive Collector. It works on any up-to date version of Windows and quickly extracts all of the information our analysts need to perform a remote triage analysis of your laptop, desktop or server. From the collected data we are able to answer questions such as:

Did any malware execute?
What was the initial attack vector?
Has any of my data been compromised?
What should I do next?

Compromise Assessment

Modern IT environments can be complex places which have evolved over time to address frequently changing business needs. Understanding the intricacies of each interconnected system can take months for even the most experienced sysadmin. Unfortunately, this type of environment is ideally suited to allow attackers to operate unhindered and undetected for significant periods of time.

Do you know what may be lurking within your system? Cyberfive can help.

Who are Cyberfive?

Cyberfive Ltd is a cyber focussed privately owned security consultancy based just outside of Bristol. Specialising in Intrusion Prevention, Detection, and Recovery, Cyberfive was established to provide these skills and more to both the public and private sector within the UK.


Cyber Essentials certified

The Cyber Essentials scheme certifies that Cyberfive has been assessed as meeting the Cyber Essentials implementation profile [BIS/14/696].

Certified Specialists

Cyberfive specialists hold industry leading certifications in Digital Forensics, Intrusion Detection, Incident Analysis, Incident Handling and Ethical Hacking as well as multiple types of security clearances.

Cross-Sector Experience

Cyberfive have provided services to organisations of all sizes across multiple different business sectors – Defence, Finance, Telecoms and Governments, Cyberfive consistently deliver a high standard to all our clients.

Supporting Charities

Each year we donate to a number of local charities to support their work. During 2022, Cyberfive are proud to have made donations to the Clevedon Foodbank, Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, the Ruby Burrell Forever Fund and MacMillan Cancer Support.

Community Support

Cyberfive are proud to have supported BSides Bristol 2019a two-day infosec community event run under the BSides Security movement. It was the first BSides event to be run in the south west and was a resounding success so roll on year two is what we say!

2020/2021 Cyber Crime By Numbers

Approx number of websites attacked daily


of attacks are aimed at small businesses

Average number of days attackers remain resident in a network before being removed


Increase in ransomware attacks during 2020

million new malware samples identified in 2021


Of malware is delivered by email

($) average cost of a data breach


Organisations without an incident response plan

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